Tricks for Hotels to Generate Extra Revenue

The Seychelles honeymoon is a dream of many of us out there but for a few of us it remains to be a little expensive and out of reach. Thanks to the Diverse Seychelles island packages that are no removing even the tiniest of hurdles in our way to this beautiful place. All the credit goes to the innovative hoteliers who are curbing their own expenditure productively so that guest does not have to bear the burden with increased hotel room prices. Here are the tricks for hotels to generate extra revenue.

Make you space polyvalent like Seychelles hotels

You can simply call up the advertising agencies plus the start-up incubators to provide them your garden area to conduct promotional events free of cost. Once you get the awesome picture and reviews with the help of the same you can begin charging for the space. In the same way you can allow the big business houses to make use of your conference room whenever it is available to conduct business meetings and charge for the same on hourly or what so ever base suits you the best. Also, you can allow these halls to be used as the interview cabins by the companies to make the recruitment. All that you need to do is make the space that you have as much polyvalent as possible for you.

Paid and low cost services

You require being an expert on your customer profile. Also, you need to be particular about what you plan to provide to your guests. You can simply offer a number of services at low cost while the booking process is going on. Go pick up your clients at the airports or at least allow them free parking.  Offer your guests all the types of cool but paid activities while they are enjoying a stay at the hotel. In addition to all this, you may also consider partnering with the local artists and decorate the hotel of yours with the pieces of art available.

All in all, these are the tricks for hotels to generate extra revenue that you must also follow.


Tips to Make Your Hotel Stay Less Painful

Seychelles packages from India have been luring people because of their affordability. Seychelles honeymoon packages provide you the stay in one of the best property around the place. Though you may choose a best place to stay in Seychelles yet you might face a little problem. Her we are with the tips to make your hotel stay less painful. These are as follows:

Tell the authorities if something is wrong

There is no point cribbing about the wrong decision as per you stay is concerned. In case you find that there is something that you had expected the hotel authorities to have but the same is missing then you must not compromise but speak out for yourself. Tell the authorities what is the issue that you are facing so that they can help you out. Be it rooms, the services or anything else you need to come up with your issues so that these can be solved. If not getting the appropriate solution for you, the authorities can least try to provide you with the best alternatives. Both the situations are at least better than in what you are currently. If you keep the matter only till you then you will gnaw at the premises without getting it changed.

Try to book via Travel Agent

If you want to make your stay to accommodate within you budget but without compromising with the quality of your stay then it becomes important t have a middle man who can guide you appropriately. Here in case of booking hotels, it is the travel agent who plays a very significant role. It is he who accurately knows the facilities that the hotel would be providing and the conditions of the room unlike the pictures that are posted online which might in some cases be deceptive. Also, the travel agent helps you to crack the best deal when it comes to getting maximum amenities within a budgeted package.

All in all, these are the tips to make your hotel stay less painful in case you have initially made a wrong decision about the stay or are yet to book it.


Tips to Make Your Hotel Stay More Pleasurable

Seychelles holiday packages provide you the best accommodation options.  Best resort in Seychelles for honeymoon will surely be able to provide you a perfect blend of the property and the services. However, you need to know certain things so that you do not end up getting disappointed from your stay at any of the places across the globe. Here are the tips to make your hotel stay more pleasurable and memorable.

Realistic Expectations from Avani Seychelles

You need to know that the most luxurious hotels offer the ingrained service culture. On the other hand the budget hotels focus more on the basic one. Therefore, if you are going in for booking the latter one then there is no pointing expecting extraordinarily special treatment and off the mark services. You need to be realistic about what you must expect from the property that you have made. Overestimation might result in disappointment but if you expect justifiably then you end up being happy even if you get a little more. All you need to be is a little reasonable with the desires as well as the demands prior to booking the hotel. There are a lot of things in a budget hotel too that will leave you mesmerized as all are trying their level best to form a great clientele chain.

Choose the Right Property

If you are booking beautifully designed hotel that is no case means that you will get equally worthy services also. You need to understand the property and services are poles apart. A budget hotel can be huge and pretty but in no case can you expect the luxury facilities and services within. Therefore, you need to prioritize whether it is the property or the service or both that is significant and then book the property accordingly and carefully. The only way to book a right property is to go through the site of the hotel and the reviews that the customers have left on the same.

All in all, these are the tips to make your hotel stay more pleasurable.


Tips to Avail Extra Good Service While Your Hotel Stay

Seychelles tour packages promise to provide you the best services when it comes to hospitality. Be it the Seychelles honeymoon package or others, you will never get disappointed.  Affordable hotels in Seychelles island also try their best to provide you a luxury stay but there are certain things that are expected on your end also to make this stay the best one. Here are the tips to avail extra good service while your hotel stay.

Do not be arrogant

Arrogance takes you nowhere, especially when you might need favours from others like you do in the hospitality industry. If you a really aware person then you might be knowing that, if you are a rude customer then you are the one who will be getting the worst service. One thing more that you need to remember is that you will be requiring a great deal of service from the hotel staff o if you show them your arrogance then you will be obviously provided the services but not with a smiling face and no staff member will be going out of their way to provide you good services. Rest you as an individual knows better.

Be respectful and kind

There is no point being rude with the hotel authorities, especially the ones dealing in room service. Being a little respectful as well as kind can do you miracles as well as wonders in making your stay a really comfortable one. This can be of great help at asking the person on the front desk to provide you the best room according to his judgement. Also, it will make the process of checking in and checking out a little helpful. If not all this then for sure you will leave yourself a good name at the hotel and next time you pay them a visit on a short notice then they will consider giving you a room even if the hotel is nearly full their priority.

All in all, these are the tips to avail extra good service while your hotel stay.

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Things that Hotels Need to take Care of

Seychelles island packages are going a little bit expensive but with the increase in expense the quality of services that they provide has also improved. Seychelles honeymoon special hotels provide you rooms that are equipped with technology to avoid disturbance. All the Seychelles hotels do consider things that hotels need to take care of.

Easy check in and check out

Gone are the days when people had enough time to stand in a queue and check into the hotel rooms and follow the same procedure while checking out. Today people want things to be done in faction of seconds even prior to them getting into the situation. Similarly, people desire that when they arrive at the hotel without having to wait and idle away the time they get the room key and can easily check in. also, while they move out they desire to have a smooth check out procedure. To make this possible, the hotel authorities need to go technical ad make check in and check out an easy thing with the help if technology.

Quick room services

Room service plays a very important role in maintaining the good relationships with the clients. Therefore, you need to make it a priority to make provision of good and quick room services available to the guests. For this is it is important that you have a functional telephone connection. At times hotels have the telephones in their rooms but most of the time they act as the show pieces. You need to strictly take care of such things not happening at your hotel. If your guest needs to arrive at the reception to get his requirement fulfilled then it is a hint that the guest might not be booking rooms in your hotel again as no one is fond of taking troubles when at a hotel.

 All in all, these are the things that hotels need to take care of so as to provide a flawless experience to the precious guests. It is only if you keep pacing with the technology that you can win the heart of your guests.

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Must have Provision by Hotels

Seychelles packages from India can be booked online. If you target Seychelles honeymoon special hotels then you must explore accordingly. However, the Best place to stay in Seychelles is the one that is central to all the locations and attractions. So that you as a hotel in Seychelles can fetch the customers require going in for two things as mentioned below. Here is the must have provision by hotels.

User friendly websites and apps

Most of the times, when people decide the place they visit their immediate next action is to look for the hotel, that they want to book. For this they immediately take out their mobile phones and begin searching. You as a guest are so excited to book the hotel that it annoys you in case you are unable to locate the room of your choice or find information that you need in a complex site. Your next step is going back and choosing the next option and exploring in depth the one that has a detailed knowledge. If you as a hotelier analyse this sequence, then one thing that you are sure to learn is the importance of a simple and a user friendly website for your hotel.  It is a great disadvantage to have not so mobile friendly websites or the apps where navigating from one place to another is hard.

Clear and crisp policies

Yes, at times people book your hotel but at the last moment they might need to cancel the booking. Also, at times they might book the hotel for more days and require it for fewer. Keeping these and all the other possibilities in mind, your hotel needs to come out with the clear and crisp policies. Be it in terms of money to be paid or the charges in case the cancellation take place, you need to be upfront and clear with the guests.

All in all, this is the must have provision by hotels. If you want to reach your audience then it is a must do to make place in their hearts so that they refer your hotel to other people also.

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Tips for Hotels to Attract Guests

One thing that can keep you going in the hotel industry is the power to attract as many clients as you can ad at the same time keep the old ones connected. There are a lot of things that hotels do to ensure that the client chain that they have keeps faith in them and also spread the word of mouth about them and their services. For instance, the Seychelles holiday packages lure you because it is presented in a good form to you. In the same way, the best resort in Seychelles for honeymoon maintains in first position with the help of several promotion measures that it takes. Here we will shed light on the tips for hotels to attract guests.

A handsome property

What the guest expects on a vacation is a perfect stay at the hotel of their choice, that is, the one that is perfectly built. It is true that mostly people spent time exploring the nearby places and not in the rooms of the hotel or the hotel premise, however, based on this point, the char that the property must have cannot be ignored. It is the first thing that people witness and consider while booking and on their arrival. So, make it a point that the hotel is built in a way that lures the guest and offers them a peaceful sleep.

World class services

Another thing that dominates the performance of a hotel in the perspective of the guest is the services you provide. Neglect your guest once or even in a small service and find those slipping off your hands as they will go in for booking another hotel the next time they visit the place.

All in all, these are the tips for hotels to attract guests that you can use and remain in the list of hotels that are booked the most and where all the calls get converted to clientele. These are not at all hard to follow. However, the first point regarding the property needs to be kept in mind while constructing the property though changes and improvements can always be made while the second point needs focus when in operation.

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